Benepay Partners with Total Administrative Service Corp. (TASC)
Working together to provide an affordable administration and compliance package for agencies. Press Release > Message to Our Clients >

Everything we do is about transforming your experience.

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History/Our Team

We know your business. Industry expertise, technology innovation, determination, and a commitment to service characterize Benepay Technologies’ leadership team.

Seamless Data Integration

Our fully-vetted, top-of-the-line technology saves you time and money, housing all your data in a single cloud platform--seamless, transparent, accessible, secure.

Payroll Support & Security

Our systems are hosted in secure online environments, vetted by the US government, and backed up by the kind of service you’ve always wished existed. It does -- at Benepay Technologies.

Switching to Benepay 

Our implementation experts make your transition experience surprisingly smooth, and you’re on your new OneTouch system in most cases within 30 days.