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We handle all the details for you. Disruption? Minimal.

Often, the most difficult part about changing providers is making the transition from one system to another. When you switch to Benepay Technologies we handle all the details for you, with minimal disruption to you and your staff.

We’ve spent years perfecting our client onboarding process. We anticipate your concerns, and support you every step of the way. More good news? OneTouch technology is easy to use. Our implementation specialists get you connected and on to smooth sailing in a remarkably short period of time.

In most situations, we guarantee to complete the change within 30 days.



“The customer service is off the chart! I’m all about relationships and loyalty so if I have a really good relationship, I’ll stay because they make it easier for me to do my job.”

Lisa McMillan, Controller, Kane and Finkel Healthcare Communications


What you’ll love about our easy transition process:

Our one hour interview: In just one hour, our implementation specialist will collect your current data and information about upcoming deadlines to be sure all needs will be met throughout the transition.

Our 30-day clock: For most clients, we can guarantee implementation within 30 days of the initial interview. From that point, we transition your data into your new OneTouch platform, generate reports for your review and approval, and finalize set up.

Our one-hour training: In one hour, our transition specialist will have you up and running confidently with your new system. A pleasant surprise for many of our new clients is that Lyceum customer service people are fluent in both technology and people. We speak your language, too.

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