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The advantage of a single database:
information changed in real-time


No more need to sync up spreadsheets, modules, or multiple platforms. With Benepay Technologies’ unique OneTouch HR Solution, all your HR admin needs are in a single database in the cloud -- seamless, transparent, accessible, secure.

Suppose you are enrolling an employee. HR usually has to do data entry, which is prone to error. You type in the wrong number for a date, and you could end up with the wrong claim information, retroactive payments, or misspent time and expenses. That little mistake grows like a snowball. Payroll, time / leave, and benefits administration are in separate systems. More cracks for things to fall through. With Benepay Technologies’s extraordinary OneTouch platform, the data is all in one single database. Employees get an enrollment document, already filled out. The system grabbed all the information-- pre-populating the form. All they have to do is choose benefits. No time wasted. No errors.



No other company has this time-saving, error-reducing technology that makes light work of repetitive administrative tasks. You've got better things to do than fill out paperwork.



What you'll love about Benepay Technologies:

Transparency: A single, seamless database functions in real time. Changes are applied in seconds, system-wide.

Ease: Leave accounting, time collection, approvals, employee census, status changes and other data input are all smoothly automated in one user-friendly platform.

Clarity: Employees can see payroll deductions, make their own updates, or apply for leave, for example. The things that matter to them are visible to them, in real time.

Access: Organization-wide access by user role enables fast decision making at all levels of the organization. Need to know? You’ve got it.

Security: Company and employee information is protected with government-certified security.

Reliability: Our technology has been vetted through continuous use at over 100 organizations, including the US Department of Health and Human Services, where our system pays the 13,000 officers of the US Public Health Service.

Savings: Our single-database system offers an unparallelled opportunity to unveil and significantly reduce hidden administrative and workforce-related program costs.

Services: Technology is only as good as the people who help you with it. Benepay Technologies assigns an service person to assist each client on an ongoing basis. Not only will you get a person when you call, you’ll get your new friend.

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