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to Meet HR Challenges

Risk manager, regulatory expert, talent strategist, negotiator, administrator, and budget manager – sound familiar? In your quest to deliver exceptional service to both the business and “people” sides of your organization, sometimes you need an extra hand (or is it ten extra hands?).

Benepay Technologies provides first-class HR outsourcing and consulting to our clients and other corporations. We are here to help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of HR management, providing valuable expertise and hands-on support to get you through any challenge.


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HR Consulting Services

Our services revolve around three areas of need:

Point Issues: Benepay Technologies’ broad-ranging expertise is available as a single-issue HR response service to answer any question or solve any problem. Plans are custom-made to your needs, with either a retainer subscription with blocks of time to be used as needed, or just per issue whenever an issue arises.

Project Issues: Handling of specific HR-related incidents such as investigating a discrimination or sexual harassment claim.

Process Issues: Supporting big-picture needs, such as establishing a new HR capability or addressing overarching organizational development issues.

Our HR consultants are experts whose combined experience and resources deliver accurate, current, and trusted advice to clients of all sizes, across all industries

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