Benepay Partners with Total Administrative Service Corp. (TASC)
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The key to cost- and time-savings and worry-free ACA compliance for large member organizations-- fully integrated and paperless. 

Save Costs. Control data. Stay Compliant.

Knowledge is power. OneTouch C3 is a technology solution designed especially to give member organizations the power to collect and analyze complex data -- your window into savings.

With your own automated, admin platform, you remove administrative costs from your premium -- save $1K - $3K per employee in the first year -- and constantly improve your plan design through real time data updates.


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reduce healthcare costs

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Why spend when you can save? C3 data collection and analysis uncovers administrative savings that are right there for the taking, enabling you to offer your membership more affordable health insurance.

employee benefits

Who Benefits?

National associations, labor unions and other large membership organizations can leverage numbers for group buying power. With cost and time savings, you can increase focus on your mission while offering your members greater value.

seamless administration

Seamless, Secure Administration

C3 includes our superior BenAdmin product, giving you one login for HR admin, data collection and analysis. Employee data remains secure, and your organization benefits from from the widest choices in the marketplace.

Stay ACA Compliant

An automated administrative process plus ACA data calculators keeps your organization compliant and avoids Employer Mandate Penalties. On-going changes are tracked within the system, so your organization is covered.

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