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aca compliance calculator

Gain a customized view of the calculations, penalties, and suggested course of action to meet rising employer shared responsibility.

Will You Pay or Play?

With the data at your fingertips, you’re ready to respond to IRS inquiries with all the information you need on employee compliance.

The OneTouch Payroll™ ACA Compliance Calculator automatically collects the necessary HR, benefits, time/labor, and payroll information to deliver a comprehensive view of relevant calculations, penalties, and suggested course of action.

We keep your options right in sight.


Save Time

You don’t have to mine for the data, nor outsource to experts for interpretation. It’s all right there in your system, automated. Just press a button.

Eliminate Errors

Automation and information derived directly from a single system produce fast, clear results and bypass that old problem, human error.

Simplify Decisions

Your system displays the details that pave the way to decisions: raise your employees salary a little, increase your contribution, or pay the penalty?

Ease Compliance

The toughest parts of ACA compliance are integrated right into your calculator, helping you cut through the red tape and easing your burden of responsibility.

Weighing Your Options

If ACA impacts your business you have two choices: to "play" by providing a required minimum level of health coverage or to "pay" a financial penalty.

The decision will require a complex set of calculations and considerations involving HR, time/labor, benefits, and payroll data for ALL your employees.

How It Works


OneTouch Payroll™ automatically captures necessary employee, payroll, time/labor, andbenefits data.


Data is analyzed against the ACA compliance requirements.


View instances where your organization has failed compliance and may be required to pay a penalty. View summary data for all employees, including plan availability, MEB, affordability, and pass/fail results.


Drill down to view data for individual employees, including suggested actions to bring your organization into compliance.


Make desired adjustments to employee salary, health plan contributions, etc. right within OneTouch Payroll™.

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